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Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s biggest city with a registered population of more than 9 million. Under it’s former name it was the capitol of the Republic of Vietnam until April 1975. Today, and although the name has officially changed, it’s still known more affectionately around the world as Saigon and its airport still references it as “SGN”.

The city has continued to grow thanks to its strategic position in the country, vast industrial and economic advantages, and happy people. This is partly thanks to both French and American influences which has helped it become a cosmopolitan, modern, and less traditional international destination.

For travelers, it is the primary gateway to Vietnam, and has the most interesting history for many Americans and Europeans that visit. The landscape and attractions have continued to improve every year, thanks to the governments consistent investment into infrastructure, tourism, and international culture adaptation. Saigon today is host to a truly multinational mix of expat that call Vietnam home, and the city has many sects of culture that add to the country’s economic prosperity in recent history.

If this is your first trip to Vietnam, we suggest to start your journey here. Take in the city and some of the many attractions and activities that it offers all within driving distance. Then continue your journey to experience Vietnam in a number of other nearby locations to experience a truly exceptional culture and tropical wonderland.

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